Gold Dot Flower Pot

I spotted this vase on Bradley’s apartment tour awhile ago. I loved the gold dot pattern, and it seemed like an easy look to recreate.

I started out with this little pot. I liked the two toned look, but I wasn’t a fan of the green color on the base, and it definitely wouldn’t have worked well with the gold dots.

gold polka dot pot

So I taped off the bottom and painted it gold.

gold painted flower pot

I found small, gold labels at Office Max. The originals are 1″, so I used a circle punch to make some smaller sizes as well. Then, I just stuck them all over the vase in a random, polka dot pattern (aka no pattern at all).

polka dot flower pot

I finished up with a coat of gloss modge podge spray to seal the dots to the vase, and that was it!

gold dot flower pot

gold dot flower potgold foil dotsmetallic dots flower pot

The best thing about this project is that it could easily be recreated with with any vase, pot, or tray. I personally wouldn’t do this project on anything that needs to be food safe. I have found some forums that claim Modge Podge is okay to use on serving trays, but it isn’t approved as “food safe” and you know, you can’t trust everything you read on the internet.


  1. This is so pretty! Using round decals is such a creative idea, and I love the look of having polka dots of varying sizes! Cute plant too… it kind of reminds me of an avocado. :P

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