Gold Dot Flower Pot

I spotted this vase on Bradley's apartment tour awhile ago. I loved the gold dot pattern, and it seemed like an easy look to recreate. I started out with this little pot. I liked the two toned look, but I wasn't a fan of the green color on the base, and it definitely wouldn't have worked well with the gold dots. So I taped off the bottom and painted it gold. I found small, gold … [Read more...]

Geometric Pencil Cup

My desk at work has been in serious need of a little "flair" (terrible word choice, I know). I work in cubicle-land, which can be quite uninspiring to say the least. I made this little pencil cup over the weekend, and I was so excited to bring it to work and put it in it's proper place on my desk (it's the little things in life). This project was so easy, and chances are good you already have … [Read more...]

Gold Leafed Canvas

Artwork brings such life and interest to a room, but unfortunately our current budget doesn't leave much room for starting a collection of my own. So until we reach that point, I've decided to tap into my "inner artist" to add some interest to our walls. I've had some old canvases for awhile, but haven't had the courage to try my hand at painting yet (am I the only one completely intimidated by … [Read more...]

Geometric Paper Ball Ornaments

I spotted these DIY christmas balls from Snug on Pinterest a while ago. I love their version, but they're a little too big for our tiny tree this year, so I decided to make some of my own. This is a really simple project - all you'll need is some chip board or thick paper (or you can reuse and old cereal box like I did), an exacto knife, ruler, white glue, string, and some paint. I made … [Read more...]

The Infamous Painted Stairs

Well, this post has been a long time coming! If I had realized how incredibly long it was going to take for me to get my act together and finish this project, I probably would have settled for some generic berber carpeting. But these end results certainly are a lot more fun! The stairs started like this: And after filling in the cracks on the sides, they looked like this: Then … [Read more...]

Faking Stair Skirting

One of the things I really wanted to tackle in our stair project was to add skirting. Stair skirting is the trim than runs along the length of the staircase, and I think it plays an important part in making a staircaselook polished and complete. But what seemed like a simple task, turned out to be a total headache. Since we were working with the original construction stairs, It seemed nearly … [Read more...]

Faux Marble Paint Technique

A month ago I would have told you that faux paint techniques are completely and inexcusably tacky (and would never make their way into my house!) Well, I guess a lot can change in a month. I currently have three (yes, three) faux paint techniques in the works. I think my aversion stemmed back to my prior exposure to really terrible rag-rolled walls. But there are actually some great faux finish … [Read more...]

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I love the unique, slightly retro vibe Sunburst mirrors bring to a space. There are a ton of examples of DIY Sunburst mirrors across the blogosphere, but I originally came across the idea to use wood shims from Lizzie of 346 Living. I started by gluing the shims together in individual "rays" with construction adhesive and let them dry. Each of my rays consisted of 11 shims. Looking back, it … [Read more...]

Make a new mirror look old

When I began working on the sunburst mirror for our dining room I knew it was important to me to make the piece feel really unique and a bit aged. The new, shiny mirrors I found just didn't provide the right aesthetic for my overall design. I decided there had to be a way to make a new mirror look old, so I got to work researching different techniques. I found a few ideas online including using … [Read more...]

DIY Light Switch Covers

I wanted to add a special touch to the light switch covers in our bathroom, so I decided to try some decoupage! This is an insultingly easy tutorial, but I'll share it anyway :) I tore printed paper into one inch squares and glued them to the switch cover with Elmer's glue. Tearing the paper into pieces helped achieve the more shabby, layered look I was going for. After covering the … [Read more...]