Put the internet to work for you with IFTTT

A couple months ago I discovered IFTTT (If This Then That) and let me tell you, I'm pretty amazed. My life has felt really hectic lately, so I've been learning the importance of organization - especially organizing my "virtual life". IFTTT essentially lets me create cause and effect relationships between the various different online sites and applications I use everyday. It's like the personal … [Read more...]

Display Your Social Feeds With Tint

I often share links and photos through my social media accounts, and I wanted to find a way to easily incorporate those feeds into this blog. The solution turned out to be so simple, and it didn't even require me to touch my site code. That was a major plus for me since I feel like I'm drowning every time I have to look at code - also, I usually end up breaking something in the process. I found … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Help You Search Pinterest Like a Pro

Have you noticed that Pinterest's search feature is seriously lacking? I usually have  a hard time finding what I'm looking for when I try to search Pinterest. Now to be fair, this isn't all on Pinterest - it actually has much more to do with our habits (or lack thereof) as users. For example, have you noticed how many images are floating around on Pinterest with little to no … [Read more...]