Gold Dot Flower Pot

I spotted this vase on Bradley's apartment tour awhile ago. I loved the gold dot pattern, and it seemed like an easy look to recreate. I started out with this little pot. I liked the two toned look, but I wasn't a fan of the green color on the base, and it definitely wouldn't have worked well with the gold dots. So I taped off the bottom and painted it gold. I found small, gold … [Read more...]

Geometric Lighting

I've been seeing geometric lights pop up all over the place lately. They're pretty fun, don't you think? 1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6   … [Read more...]

Happy Wednesday

Wednesdays can be kind of a bummer, so to get you through the day, here's a picture of a cute dog (although, I admit, I may be biased)... ...and a few good reads: I've often struggled with feeling unqualified to offer my advice or opinion, so this article on understanding how to frame your creative expertise offered a really helpful perspective. I love the idea of creating pin board … [Read more...]

Daily Dishonesty

I'm loving Lauren Hom's Daily Dishonesty project. I think we can all relate to at least a few of these! (or in my case, more like an entire house...) images:  1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7 You can also check out Lauren's tutorial on her process. I tend to bring everything into illustrator and trace it, but this method seems a lot simpler and would also preserve that "hand drawn" … [Read more...]

I judge a book by its cover

I've always been slightly obsessed with books, especially ones with interesting or unique covers. I'm a bit of a book hoarder (although I like to think of myself as a "collector), so whenever I go to a rummage sale I usually make a beeline for the books. While the content does come into play when considering a purchase, it's usually the spine and cover that really sells me. These are some of my … [Read more...]

Winter and Chai Tea

It snowed like crazy here yesterday! Our back yard looked like a winter wonderland, but I wasn't feeling too wonderful about it. I've been ready for spring since the end of December, and I was feeling downright cranky that we had to deal with so much more snow. But I'm trying to remind myself to be thankful for every moment (and every season), so tonight I chose to embrace the weather and use it … [Read more...]

Geometric Pencil Cup

My desk at work has been in serious need of a little "flair" (terrible word choice, I know). I work in cubicle-land, which can be quite uninspiring to say the least. I made this little pencil cup over the weekend, and I was so excited to bring it to work and put it in it's proper place on my desk (it's the little things in life). This project was so easy, and chances are good you already have … [Read more...]

Creative Inspiration from Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische has to be the coolest person I (don't) know. Every time I pay her site a visit, I'm completely blown away by the work she does. The love affair began when I spotted these beauties: and also when I realized she was responsible for this lettering:  Here are some more favorites... You're My Pinspiration  //   Bing - Summer of Doing  //  Summer Hair Guide Jessica has also … [Read more...]

Put the internet to work for you with IFTTT

A couple months ago I discovered IFTTT (If This Then That) and let me tell you, I'm pretty amazed. My life has felt really hectic lately, so I've been learning the importance of organization - especially organizing my "virtual life". IFTTT essentially lets me create cause and effect relationships between the various different online sites and applications I use everyday. It's like the personal … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Printables

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm totally slacking this year, and I didn't even think about buying a card for my husband until yesterday afternoon (geez, where has the romance gone, right? I really need to step it up). Anyway, I stood in the card aisle for at least 20 minutes, and just couldn't find the right card. Most of them felt so cheesy and commercial. But of course some of my … [Read more...]